Hi! I’m Ivey. I’m a Boston-born Korean American writer and reader. This blog is dedicated to book reviews and musings on reading and writing and maybe even other things.

My stories focus on the ordinary and on growing internal and external character dynamics. I have one foot in literary fiction and one in genre fiction, but I love blending literary techniques with fresh hooks, snappy dialogue, and a whole lot of humor. I’m currently working on what I hope will be my debut novel, a rom-com that touches on two cultural divides: 1. between first generation and second generation Korean Americans, and 2. between Korean Americans and non-Korean Americans. Cultural divide driving internal dissonance is a common thread in my fiction.

You can find some of my short works here, including Gravity, a short story I wrote in 2018 that earned me a prize at Boston College.

Currently, I live in Silicon Valley, where I have a day job in pharmaceutical quality assurance. When I’m not burning my retinas at night to write, you can usually find me weightlifting, hiking, or trying new brews of beer.