current projects

(Updated 07 Oct 2020) Welcome to the nook of projects I’m working on. I’m invested in exploring experiences as they relate to identity as second-generation Korean-Americans.

A new adult romantic comedy for fans of Always Be My Maybe and Pride & Prejudice.

Few things in the world could prepare Astrid Oh for showing her bare ass on camera; Nadia Green was definitely not one of them.

When life imitates art, love follows.

Astrid Oh’s big break, PARADISE VALLEY, is back for season two and opens with a new plot twist: Silas Nam, hottest rising star in Hollywood, and Astrid’s new love interest. The problem isn’t just Silas and his insufferable personality; the real problem is Astrid, who can’t shove aside her distaste for him long enough to film a convincing love scene. Things take a turn for the worse when she learns that her role as a series regular is on the line and she’s pressured to step up her game.

Desperate to fake romantic chemistry and preserve her career, Astrid and Silas get tangled up in a clandestine enemies-with-benefits relationship. His off-screen persona emerges, which is equal parts unexpected and troubling, especially when she can’t tell if her blossoming feelings are a syndrome of life imitating art—or if it’s the other way around. As the lines between fiction and reality blur, Astrid must decide if taking a risk for love is worth jeopardizing her career.

A young adult novel about an American teenager navigating her Korean heritage through food and friendship.

I think the most insulting part of our rivalry is that I was never even a contestant. Sohyang never considered me a threat, so our rivalry was entirely one-sided.

For as long as she can remember, Aubrey Kim has been living in Sohyang’s shadow. Sohyang one-ups Aubrey in everything: she’s concertmaster of their high school orchestra, a soon-to-be Harvard student, black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and fluent Korean speaker. When an incident in orchestra practice leads to a trip to the principal’s office, the principal has a better idea than detention: in honor of the school’s Asian Pacific American Heritage Month festival, the two of them will lead and represent the Korean booth. Which is great for Sohayng, who’s president of the Korean Student Culture Club, but terrible for Aubrey. How is she supposed to celebrate a culture she knows nothing about?

Armed with a list of dishes she needs to learn to cook, a playlist of K-Pop songs she’s never heard of, and the cute cello player who’s always drinking boba during practice, Aubrey navigates her heritage and comes to realize that she can define it as much as she allows it to define her. 

A short story.

When her umma makes kimchi, everything reeks.

Soomi and Vincent have been dating for over two years, but their relationship has reached a standstill because her mother doesn’t like Vincent, who’s not Korean enough.

A short story.

They turn at the same time, watching me as they walk. An army of beautiful Korean women. Terrifying.

Creased eyes are beautiful, so Mina wants to get surgery to fix her mono-lids. Her reflection isn’t so happy about it.